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EBOOKLET: Keeping Up With Creation

EBOOKLET: Keeping Up With Creation

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YOU must remember as YOU read this booklet that YOU are the most important being in YOUR life. Each life YOU live is like a day in school, in the planets, the galaxies, and the Universe’s great school of life.  Other universes have other school systems.  I have graduated from a school system in a different universe.  It was designed to produce the same quality of beings the school system in this universe is supposed to produce.  I came unto this universe to learn why this universe is not graduating developed beings into Divine independent life.  I also came here to teach my wisdom to those who would listen.  YOU have in YOUR being potentials far beyond your wildest dreams.  Dare to dream great dreams for YOUR dreams create YOUR avenues into YOUR tomorrows.  Booklet #5 of 6
Pages: 26

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