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EBOOK: The Road To Life

EBOOK: The Road To Life

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The Road to Life reaches from forever in the past to forever in the future.  You are responsible for this trace, track, path, trail, road, avenue, highway, or freeway you are traveling into the future upon.  You have built it, are building it and will build it.  Even as you wander in the wilderness of time, you lay the trail of your lives.  I write this for the wanderers, remembering when I was a wanderer.  I write this for those who have found some trace, path or trail.  For I have followed a lot of paths that ended essentially where they began.  So much of life is content with being nowhere that when one wishes to go somewhere, there is always somebody or something in the way.  The greatest battle you will ever face is the fight to gain access to, and control of, your very own being.
Pages: 195

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